Blowm Glass Pipes

You didn’t really believe the thesis crap, did you?

Silicon dioxide, or sand as most people know it, has quite a bit of fun with its complex molecular cousins. The atomic dance they perform create some of the most beautiful structures known to man. Most know that one of these structures is glass, but few know of the wonderful things that happen at the molecular level during this transition. When the right temperature is reached, there is a state that the silicon dioxide enters that is not solid yet not quite liquid – this is called the transient state. As the tight bonds between the molecules are released from the solid, they form new bonds that stretch and bend and allow for distortion of their structure. It is at this point that the glass blower can form the pipe into the beautiful shapes that you see and add the wonderful colors to the glass that give each piece their uniqueness and their beauty. For the colors of these beautiful Borisil glass pieces, we use copper, silver and cobalt. These elements actually become a part of the complex lattice molecular structure of the glass. The final product is a blown glass that has one of the smoothest and stunning surfaces of any material on the planet. Each of these pipes is an expression in glass art that will never be duplicated. If they were to be numbered, they would each be 1 of 1. These glass pipes are blown by hand and each holds a color pattern that can be admired for years to come. These investments in the art can be sold on the open glass market, displayed in a glass cabinet, or used to enjoy some of the best-tasting smoke this planet produces.

Atomic Ingredients:
Silicon, Oxygen
Carbon, Hyrdrogen
Copper, Cobalt, Silver