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Want to test your knowledge of chemistry, learn something you probably didn’t know about glass blowing, or discover one of the greatest things this planet has ever given us? Take the “Name That Compound” challenge. Inside our site you will find some very interesting articles including: ‘Cleaning a Glass Pipe Without the Mess Using Household Products ‘The Chemistry of Glass ‘The Wonder of Water Filtration ‘Types of Glass – Why Borosil Glass Is More Expensive Than Other Types of Glass ‘Why is the Symbol for Sodium Na? ‘

We offer the best quality and variety of one of a kind hand-blown glass pipes and blown glass accessories. We have the thickest pipes, water pipes, and water bubblers around. We offer gold fumed, silver fumed, inside out, and color changing pipes, and many more!

Our craftsmen pride themselves on creating the highest quality glass available. Our glass pipes are thick and sturdy, colorful, and we have the latest cutting edge designs. We also carry color changing glass pipes that are the best in the business!

Each glass pipe is one of a kind and produced with the greatest attention to detail, quality, thickness, and color changing uniqueness. We have Sherlocks, hammers, spoons, donuts, sidecars, bubblers, double bubblers, water pipes, chillums, animal designs, pendants, ashtrays, and various other styles of glass pipes and smoking accessories.

Customer service is our number one goal. If you are not satisfied in any way with your purchase, call one of our customer service representatives. We’ll arrange to have your item shipped back to us and issue you a refund.

We know that every smoker has his own needs and desires in a glass pipe, which is why we offer different varieties and styles to fit the needs of the different smoker. If you don’t see what you want, just ask and we will have our glass blowers create your one of a kind design.

Our wholesaling opportunities are the best in the business.

*All our products are intended and sold for legal purposes only!

**All packages will be shipped in unmarked packages